Day Students

Changes in Academic Year 2016-2017

What changes should I expect?

The major changes are to your start and end times for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes and when your breaks occur.

New Monday, Wednesday, Friday Class Times

Your class times for Monday/Wednesday/Friday courses are different than what they have been in the past. Five minutes has been added to each class for a total of fifty-five minutes. Below is a visual to show the differences. Please see the course schedule for more details about this coming fall.

While you will have five minutes of extra class time, you will now have fifteen weeks of class and a week dedicated to finals. That is a change from the previous sixteen weeks of class with a dedicated finals week. The bottom line is that semesters are now a week shorter.  This also means that you will have a longer summer break -  seventeen weeks! Or maybe you will prefer to continue your coursework and participate in one or both of our eight-week summer sessions!

Important Dates and Breaks: Day Campus Academic Calendar for 2016-2017

Fall Semester 2016

  • First Day of Class: Monday, August 29
  • Labor Day Holiday (no classes): Monday, September 5                        
  • Fall Break: Friday, October 21                         
  • Advising Week (classes in session): October 31-November 4
  • Thanksgiving break: November 21-25
  • Last Day of Classes: Friday, December 9
  • Last Day of Finals: Thursday, December 15
  • Commencement: Saturday, December 17 

Spring Semester 2017

  • First Day of ClassesMonday, January 9
  • Martin Luther King Holiday (no classes): Monday, January 16
  • Spring Break: March 27-31
  • Advising Week (classes in session): April 3-7
  • Last Day of Classes: Friday, April 22                 
  • Last Day of Finals: Thursday, April 27
  • Commencement: Saturday, April 29

Summer Semester 2017 – No Day classes in session

Please speak to your advisor about attending one or both of our summer eight-week sessions!

Optional Summer Eight-Week Sessions: 

Early Summer Eight Weeks 2017

  • First Day of Classes: Monday, May 1
  • Memorial Day Holiday (no classes):  Monday, May 29
  • Last Day of Classes: Saturday, June 24           

Late Summer Eight Weeks 2017

  • First Day of Classes: Monday, June 26
  • Independence Holiday Observed (no classes): Tuesday, July 4                 
  • Last Day of Classes: Saturday, August 19

IMPORTANT NOTE: Institutional scholarships can only be applied to the Fall & Spring semester tuition charges. Some financial aid may be eligible to use in the summer sessions, but intent to take summer courses must be communicated with the Financial Aid office so that those financial aid awards can be disbursed accordingly.

Please visit the FAQs for additional information.