GoArmyEd Students

What changes should I expect?

With the addition of a sixth session, your breaks will take place at different time than in the past. 
In the graphic below, you can see that there is a two week break when the Late Fall 8-Week Session ends. Additionally, there is a one week at the end of the Late Spring and Late Summer 8-Week Sessions. Below the graphic, you will find additional important dates for academic year 2016-2017, including annual holidays such as Labor Day, Martin Luther King, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. 

Academic Calendar 2016-2017 for Evening, Online, Graduate, and Nationwide Campuses

Early Fall Eight Weeks 2016

  • First Day of Classes: Monday, August 29
  • Labor Day Holiday (no classes): Monday, September 5
  • Last Day of Classes: Saturday, October 22

Late Fall Eight Weeks 2016

  • First Day of Classes: Monday, October 24
  • Thanksgiving Break (no classes): November 24-25
  • Last Day of Classes: Saturday, December 17

Early Spring Eight Weeks 2017

  • First Day of Classes: Monday, January 2
  • Martin Luther King Holiday (no classes): Monday, January 16
  • Last Day of Classes:  Saturday, February 25                                  

Late Spring Eight Weeks 2017

  • First Day of Classes:  Monday, February 27
  • Last Day of Classes: Saturday, April 22

Early Summer Eight Weeks 2017

  • First Day of Classes: Monday, May 1
  • Memorial Day Holiday (no classes):  Monday, May 29
  • Last Day of Classes: Saturday, June 24           

Late Summer Eight Weeks 2017

  • First Day of Classes: Monday, June 26
  • Independence Holiday Observed (no classes): Tuesday, July 4                 
  • Last Day of Classes: Saturday, August 19

Important Information for GoArmyEd Students Requiring Full-Time Enrollment Status

GoArmyEd students who do NOT need to meet full-time requirements for financial aid, work regulations, or other reasons will have no change in the way they register or receive Army Tuition Assistance. The only change will be the opportunity to register for an additional eight-week session each academic year. Please see the GoArmyEd FAQs for more information. 

For our GoArmyEd students requiring full-time enrollment status, you will now need to register for the semester. In other words, you must register for both the early and late eight-week sessions making up one of our three semesters: fall, spring, or summer. 
The GoArmyEd Portal only allows registrations sixty (60) days before classes begin. This means that if you are using military tuition assistance, then you will need to register through CougarTrack as well as through the GoArmy Ed Portal as soon as classes are available.

Why do I have to register through CougarTrack and the GoArmyEd Portal?

Beginning with the 2016-2017 academic year, Columbia College will measure enrollment status over a sixteen-week semester, including all semester credits for that time period. Students are now able to register for courses at the beginning of the semester for both eight-week sessions included in that semester. The following chart defines enrollment status for a semester for undergraduate students:

This means that students requiring full-time enrollment status must be currently enrolled in twelve (12) credit hours for the semester. If a student registers for only six (6) credit hours in the early eight-week session, they will be considered half-time.

The reason you must register through both CougarTrack and the GoArmyEd Portal is because you must meet the full-time requirements for the semester but registration for the late eight-week session will not yet be available in the GoArmyEd Portal. 
  • To meet your full-time requirements, you will register for a semester (both eight-week sessions) through CougarTrack.
  • To receive your Army Tuition Assistance for the early eight-week session, you must register in the GoArmyEd Portal.
  • Sixty days before your late eight-week classes begin, you must register in the GoArmyEd Portal to receive your Army Tuition Assistance for the late eight-week session.
Please note that registering for a semester at a time will not affect a student's ability to adjust their class schedule should the need arise. Students will have the ability to add course sections through Wednesday of the first week of class or drop course sections, without financial liability, through Monday of the second week of class.

For more information, please review the FAQs.