Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, financial aid will be awarded on a standard academic year basis.  This means that the two eight week sessions will be combined into a semester for financial aid purposes and two semesters equal a standard academic year.  

Please be aware:  Eligibility for federal aid will be based on enrollment status for both eight-week sessions within one semester. For eight week courses, students who are not registered for both sessions may not meet the federal enrollment requirements to receive federal aid.  

Enrollment status is measured over the fall, spring, and summer semester and will includes all credits for that period of time regardless of whether they are a sixteen-week course or an eight-week course. Students are now able to register for courses at the beginning of the semester for both eight week sessions that are included in that semester. The following chart defines enrollment status for a semester for undergraduate students:

Undergraduate Requirements for Enrollment Status: 

Students are eligible for Pell Grant (depending on the results of their FAFSA) in any of the enrollment statuses listed above.

Students are eligible for Direct Loans if enrolled at least half-time (at least six credit hours) for a semester.

Disbursement:  Two disbursements of federal aid for the semester: 

Direct Loan – semester amount will be divided in half.  Enrollment is required at time of disbursement. 

Pell Grant – 1st eight week module enrollment and 2nd eight week module enrollment (up to full-time amount)

New:  A student’s eligibility must be evaluated and Pell recalculated for the last class in which the student enrolls (and attends). Eligibility is determined by courses for which the student is still enrolled.  Drops and withdrawals do not count toward enrollment.

Example:  Student enrolls in six credit hours for the Early Fall 8-Week Session and withdraws from three of those credits. Student also enrolls in six credits for the Late Fall 8-Week Session. Student’s Pell Grant is adjusted to nine credit hours of eligibility.  

Please be sure to look at the FAQs for additional information.